Bored? Play these games online

Who needs a console to while away the hours when you can play these action games and puzzles on your PC 's browser instead.
  • Jack Arnott
    Last updated: 23 December 2013, 12:19 GMT


    Bored play these games online Doom image

    What better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of id's genre-defining shooter than with this faithful flash reincarnation? A cake in the shape of a BFG, you say? Oh. Well. It was a rhetorical question really, but... okay.

    Whether you're looking for a journey back in time, or you've always wondered what all the fuss was about, why not take a quick trip to the hell-portal planet of Phobos during your lunchbreak?

    Play Doom here


    Little Master Cricket

    Bored play these games online Little Master Cricket image

    Some say finding inner peace is the true path to enlightenment. We say five flawless minutes on Bennett Foddy's curiously satisfying bat-swinger is just about as good. Qwop with (fun) balls – and not just for cricket fans.

    Play Little Master Cricket here


    Clicking Bad

    Bored play these games online Clicking Bad image

    There was this TV programme called Breaking Bad about a teacher who gets a part-time job to pay off his medical bills. You might have seen it.

    But the tie-in isn't what's important here – look beyond the rudimentary interface and this delightful text-based maths game will keep you clicking for a good few hours.

    Play Clicking Bad here


    Super House of Dead Ninjas

    Bored play these games online Super House of Dead Ninjas image

    This frantic ninja-platformer owes a lot to critics' darling Spelunky – high difficulty, randomly generated levels, and tons of replayability.

    Allow yourself to be sucked in and you'll quickly be wondering why a game with such depth is available for free.

    Play Super House of Dead Ninjas here


    Angry Birds

    Bored play these games online Angry Birds image

    What can we say about Angry Birds that hasn't been said already? It's still a more than half-decent way of filling empty segments of time.

    Keep it open in a browser tab all day and it'll be five o'clock in no time – and it won't have drained your phone battery.

    Play Angry Birds here


    The I of It

    Bored play these games online The I of It image

    This charming puzzle-platformer should provide you with more than a few diverting physics-based challenges. And the idiosyncratic art style that'll stick with you long after you finally get stuck.

    Play The I of It here


    Abobo's Big Adventure

    Bored play these games online Abobos Big Adventure image

    A sheer delight for any gaming child of the 80s and early 90s, this genre-spanning romp through 8-bit gaming nostalgia is worth is just for the cameos. If you ever owned, or played, a NES, you need Abobo in your life.

    Play Abobo’s Big Adventure here


    Experimental Shooter

    Bored play these games online Experimental Shooter image

    Simple in execution yet brilliantly designed, this challenging asteroids-a-like adds layer upon layer of complexity as you progress. Plus it refers to you as “son”, which is always nice.

    Play Experimental Shooter here


    New York Shark

    Bored play these games online New York Shark image

    Utter madness. Your finger (and brain) might hurt after a few minutes but you won't forget this humorous shark-based side-scroller in a hurry.

    Perhaps not one for those with with a sensitive disposition.

    Play New York Shark here


    Drakensang Online

    Bored play these games online Drakensang Online image

    It's for PC users only at the moment, but Drakensang Online is one of the most sophisticated and popular browser-based massively multiplayer online games around.

    If you're looking to invest more than just small chunks of time, you could do much worse than delve into this huge, immersive fantasy world.

    Play Drakensang Online here

    Jack Arnott
    Last updated: 23 December 2013, 12:19 GMT

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