New Made In Chelsea game out now for iPhone and iPad

Fans of E4’s reality drama can now play a Made In Chelsea game on the Apple devices.
  • Made in Chelsea Game
    Leon Cox
    Last updated: 04 October 2013, 14:59 BST

    Made In Chelsea, E4’s eye-opening reality TV programme now has its own game that lets players to mingle with the stars of the show.

    Users can create their avatar with assistance from style guru Mark Francis, then hang out quaffing bubbly with Cheska, Ollie, Binky, Phoebe-Lettice Thompson and the rest of the gang in featured West London venues like Beaufort House, Amika and The Henry Root.

    If players increase their popularity with the cast - who provided their own voices for the game -  they could even end up going on Champagne dates with the famous faces from the show.

    According to Channel 4’s website, the soundtrack to the game comes from:

    “Up and coming unsigned bands Party Club and Eilidh Hadden as well as other great music inspired by the MiC mega-cool soundtrack.”

    Colin Macdonald, Channel 4’s gaming commissioner said:

    “Made in Chelsea has a huge following and is E4′s biggest non-scripted success so we wanted to celebrate by creating something equally as glamorous and exciting for fans in line with the launch of the new series.”

    “The result is an engaging game which enables users to have fun and hang out with the cast whilst exploring Chelsea."

    “I really hope people enjoy playing it as much as I did working with such a talented and passionate development team as PaperSeven.”

    We say

    The game might be free but the microtransaction prices range from 69p for ‘5 Diamonds’ up to £29.99 for ‘500 Diamonds’.

    How much is a pint in Belgravia these days ? About 200 Diamonds?

    The Made In Chelsea iOS game is available to download now for free from the App store. The TV show returns to E4 on Monday October 14.

    Leon Cox
    Last updated: 04 October 2013, 14:59 BST

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