Jamelia to become a Loose Woman

Singer Jamelia is joining the Loose Women panel.
  • Jamelia is joining the panel of Loose Women
    Last updated: 25 November 2013, 14:34 GMT

    Jamelia is joining the panel of Loose Women.

    The Birmingham-born singer will join regulars including Janet Street-Porter and Jane McDonald on the long-running ITV daytime show.

    She said: "I'm absolutely chuffed to become a Loose Woman! I'm really looking forward to sharing my thoughts and feisty opinions with the other women and the viewers and can't wait to get my teeth into some great debates and to discuss issues that really matter."

    Her first show will be on Wednesday (November 27).

    She recently made a guest appearance in Caribbean crime drama Death In Paradise and fronted the house band in BBC quiz I Love My Country.

    Last updated: 25 November 2013, 14:34 GMT

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