David takes stand at Janine trial

David Wicks is set for his day in court in EastEnders when he is called for Janine Butcher's murder trial.
  • David Wicks has his day in court in EastEnders
    Last updated: 09 March 2014, 07:17 GMT

    EastEnders is back in court next week when David Wicks is called to take the stand in Janine Butcher's murder trial.

    David, played by Michael French, made the recording of Janine (Charlie Brooks) admitting that she had killed Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) which eventually got her locked up.

    But in the coming week, viewers will see whether David will decide to help out his step sister by changing his story, or will send her down for murder.

    David had only made the recording to try to blackmail Janine for £250,000 and had never meant for the confession to be used to lock her up, even trying to help her escape with her daughter Scarlett before Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) called the police.

    Carol and David are due to get remarried and he even presents her with a beautiful new engagement ring before heading off to court, but as Janine tried to frame Carol's niece Alice Branning (Jasmyn Banks) for the murder and she is also on trial, David's decision could have repercussions either way.

    The episode is due to air on BBC One on March 13.

    Last updated: 09 March 2014, 07:17 GMT

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