'Epic struggle' for Hollyoaks' Alex

Hollyoaks actor Ojan Genc has teased his character Alex Browning is set to go through a rollercoaster of emotions.
  • Ojan Genc's Hollyoaks character Alex Browning will move in with the McQueen family
    Last updated: 26 February 2014, 12:17 GMT

    Hollyoaks actor Ojan Genc has revealed there will be strife when his character Alex Browning moves in with the McQueens.

    The family agrees to take him in after he was kicked out from his home by his mother, who isn't happy about his desire to help his half-brother Hilton, Cindy Cunningham's sick baby son.

    "Seeing as he has no place else to go, he turns to Mercedes for help," he told All About Soap.

    "It happens because he's agreed to take a bone-marrow test to see if he can help baby Hilton, and his mother's furious about it. She feels betrayed that Alex is interacting with Paul's other family."

    Ojan, who made his debut on the Channel 4 on February 13, admitted Alex is under pressure to please everyone.

    "That's a big problem and Alex wants to deal with it - he's caught between trying to help his sick sibling, trying to help his mum and trying to help himself. There is this whole barrage of emotions he has to cope with," he continued.

    He added: "It'll be an epic struggle as he's pulled in different directions. There are a lot of ups and downs, and that anguish is enough to push anyone to breaking point."

    His stay is tipped to cause trouble for Mercedes Browning (Jennifer Metcalfe), because he wants to find out the truth about his father's death. His dad Paul was murdered, following an altercation with Mercedes.

    Last updated: 26 February 2014, 12:17 GMT

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