Keegan's Tina to get Corrie death?

Michelle Keegan's character could be killed off in Coronation Street.
  • Michelle Keegan is leaving Coronation Street next year
    Last updated: 17 October 2013, 13:37 BST

    Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan could see her character killed off when she leaves the soap.

    The actress plays Tina McIntyre but announced earlier this year she would be quitting the ITV series in 2014.

    But The Sun has reported that there could be no way back to the cobbles for Michelle as producers are considering killing off Tina.

    It's thought a possible whodunnit storyline could see off ratings rivalry from other soaps, but Corrie bosses say how Michelle will exit the show in May next year has not yet been settled.

    A Coronation Street spokeswoman did not confirm or deny that Tina would die, saying: "Michelle will be on screen until early summer 2014 and many ideas for Tina's departure are currently being discussed, nothing has been finalised."

    Last updated: 17 October 2013, 13:37 BST

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