Star-studded vows ceremony for Rush

Coronation Street star Debbie Rush was joined by her co-stars as she celebrated her silver wedding anniversary.
  • Debbie Rush renewed her wedding vows with husband Andrew
    Last updated: 07 April 2014, 13:17 BST

    Coronation Street star Debbie Rush has celebrated her silver wedding anniversary, by renewing her vows with husband Andrew.

    The actress, who plays Anna Windass on the ITV soap, was joined by many of her castmates including Catherine Tyldesley (Eva Price), Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) and Alison King (Carla Barlow) at the ceremony.

    Her former co-star Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played Hayley Cropper, also made an appearance at St Michael's Church in Bamford, Rochdale, according to the Manchester Evening News.

    Debbie stole the spotlight when she arrived at the church in a vintage-style fishtail gown, cream fur stole and a cream rose corsage.

    The couple, who are celebrating 25 years of marriage, made their entrance in a yellow Hummer, accompanied by their three children - actors Will and Poppy and musician Tom.

    After the ceremony, the party all headed off to the Norden Arms on Edenfield Road in a vintage double decker bus.

    A guest said: "There was such a nice atmosphere, everyone was relaxed and so happy to be there and Debbie looked absolutely stunning. When onlookers saw all the Corrie stars arriving they thought it must be the TV show filming before realising it was actually a big family celebration."

    Last updated: 07 April 2014, 13:17 BST

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