Ellen Page, of Inception, Juno, X-Men and Beyond: Two Souls fame has claimed The Last Of Us developers Naughty Dog “ripped off” her likeness for the game.

Speaking in a Reddit AMA (“ask me anything” – a Q and A session), the actor was asked if she was aware of the character Ellie and her similarity to Page.

Her response was:

“I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness, but I am actually acting in a video game called Beyond: Two Souls, so it was not appreciated.”

No further comment has been made by Page, Naughty Dog or Sony.

We say

The Ellie design originally revealed did bear a resemblance to the pint-sized Canadian – but the similarities were less apparent in the finished version.

“Ripped off”? Probably not. “Inspired by”? Likely more accurate.

Whatever the case, The Last Of Us is incredible.