Flappy Bird may be dead, but it refuses to be forgotten – to the point that numerous developers have been releasing their own clones of the original to Google’s Play store and Apple’s iTunes.

But this deluge of derivatives has reportedly been stymied by those in charge of the two storefronts, with claims emerging that use of the word ‘Flappy’ in titles has been banned.

The claim comes off the back of developers like Mind Juice Media, which made its rejection for the game ‘Flappy Dragon’ public.

In rejecting the app, Apple told the developer it had used its name in an attempt to ‘leverage a popular app’ – something against the store’s terms and conditions.

Other developers have reported rejections for their own ‘Flappy’ games, from both the App Store and Google Play.

Existing Flappy Bird clones on both storefronts don’t seem to be affected, with titles like Flappy Bee and Flappy Superhero still available (and performing well in download charts).

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