Politicians play the power game

Swedish politicians put election debates to one side and settle their differences over a game of Starcraft II.

The Democrats take on the Left, while the battle between the Pirate Party and the Centre Party is sure to be brutal.

But this isn’t your traditional political fracas – politicians in Sweden will be coming to blows through the popular real-time strategy game Starcraft II.

PolitikerStarcraft is the brainchild of former Pirate Party member Jonathan Rieder Lundkvist and is being used as a way of educating politicians about the ever-growing world of eSports as well as bringing gamers closer to the world of politics.

While you won’t be seeing the Prime Minister of Sweden indulging in a Zerg rush, most of Sweden’s major political parties have rustled up competitors – apart from the Christian Democrats, which was unable to find any suitable player.

Speaking to Daily Dot, Lundkvist explained why he thought the tournament had previously been so popular.

“I think a major part of the tournament is also people not only wanting to see their favourite party win, but also parties they happen to dislike lose,” he said.

But there is a more serious side to the event, as Lundkvist made clear.

“Voting is important, and we seem to forget that. It's part of why I created this: to show the politicians eSports is a thing and to remind the youth that their votes matter.

“They should not waste it.”