Scotland’s beautiful Isle of Skye has been twinned with the virtual world of Skylands, setting of Activision's Skylanders Swap Force.

The national tourism organisation Visit Scotland along with The Highland Council has teamed up with Activision for the stunt to celebrate the release of Skylanders Swap Force, out October 18.

Alan Mackenzie of VisitScotland said the dramatic Hebridean island perfectly complements the landscape featured in the game.

“The Isle of Skye is renowned for its stunning landscapes, which possess an almost ethereal quality, and its abundance of wildlife, making it the perfect place to virtually twin with Skylands.”

Swap Force is the third game in the Skylanders series which allows collectible toys to be ‘brought to life’ by teleporting them into the action via the Portal of Power.

The new game introduces the ability to mix and match the top and bottom halves of 16 new characters to create more than 250 unique combinations.

Vice president and general manager of Activision Michael Sportouch said:

“We’re thrilled to continue to combine physical and virtual experiences through the Skylanders franchise, and what better way to do so than making the Skylands the first videogame world to twin with a real destination.”

Visit and type ‘SWAP’ to invoke a visit from the Skylanders.

We say

Naturally this got us to thinking about other potential real/virtual world team-ups: Bulgaria with Boletaria from Demon’s Souls perhaps. Thebes in Greece with Zebes in Metroid maybe.

Or how about twinning Zelda’s Hyrule with the magical land of High Wycombe?