It’s a bit depressing that we need a globally marked day to remind us to be kind, but let’s not dwell on that.

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Because being kind is not only lovely, but good for your health too.

Dr. George Fieldman, a Psychologist specialising in altruism who is working with Interflora to encourage people to spread acts of kindness,  says: "There are numerous studies which show that being kind or being on the receiving end of kindness leads to an increase in the production of seratonin which is known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone and is instrumental in regulating moods and leads to that ‘self-satisfaction’ feeling. When you are kind to others, you feel good as a person.

"An act of kindness is likely to make the giver feel good about themselves and the receiver to feel empowered and valued. Societies that embrace altruism foster cultures in which people become integrated, co-operative and empowered, which is of benefit to us all."


Kindness is healthy

Let’s focus on more cheering things. Like how being kind is scientifically good for you: releasing ‘positive thinking’ hormones dopamine and endorphins, and the blood-pressure reducing chemical, oxytocin.

Remember that World Kindness Day isn’t so much reminding us to be kind; it’s just reminding us to celebrate it.

Kindness reminds us of the good things

“Acts of kindness can cut like a knife through butter, distinguishing the negative stories we tell ourselves about the world and steering us towards focusing on the positive aspects of our society,” agrees life coach Sloan Sheridan Williams.

And once we’ve remembered that positivity, the only place it can go is on to someone else…

Kindness spreads

“Kindness is contagious and even seeing it in others makes people feel good, and want to do the same,” says counsellor and change worker Frankie Sikes from

“Acts of reciprocity are vital to all relationships and are the fundamental glue of society.

It doesn’t matter if the kindness is big or small a generous gift, useful information or even a symbolic act, the important thing is that the recipient feels better because of it.”