One day (whilst procrastinating at work) reporter Laura Dennison thought: “Hey! It might be a really good idea to complete a 30-day vegan challenge with PETA UK and then write about it.”

Turns out it all worked pretty well for her, and this is why.

1. Veganism isn’t all about saving animals and patchwork clothing

PETA UK on Twitter

My impression of veganism initially (as it probably is with most people) was that the sole reason for choosing to adopt a green diet would be for ethical reasons.

I hadn’t ever considered reasons such as health and the environment before.

2. The vegan diet is far better for your health

Vegan tacos at Taco Queen
Vegan tacos at Taco Queen (Laura Dennison/PA)

You can’t help but eat more fruit and vegetables when you are vegan, unless you are happy living off bread and water.

3. I lost weight with minimal effort

Ms Cupcake vegan cupcakes
Ms Cupcake (Laura Dennison/PA)

I lost five pounds in a month, which is a lot considering I was eating three-course meals every other night at swanky, vegan restaurants.

A vegan diet leaves you less open to spontaneous binging. If vegan junk food isn’t immediately available, you simply don’t eat it.

4. There’s a really welcoming vegan community in London

Cookdaily in Shoreditch
Looking like a vegan band at #cookdaily (Laura Dennison/PA)

I met some really lovely people during my month as a vegan. They were just so pleased that I was trying to contribute, if only in a very small way.

During the month I did not meet one “pushy” vegan.

5. A lot of people who work in catering don’t know what a vegan is

Laura Dennison on Twitter

Laura Dennison on Twitter

This happened to me in a few well-known restaurants throughout the 30 days.

6. Most food packaging doesn’t specify what is vegan

PETA hamper
Food hamper from PETA (Laura Dennison/PA)

Food packaging, most of the time, only specifies if a food is vegetarian, not vegan.

If you want vegan options, you almost always have to research in advance.

7. It isn’t expensive

Vegan food shopping (Laura Dennison/PA)

Vegan products generally average out to cost as much as, if not a bit less than a diet which includes meat and dairy.

But obviously, this varies for the individual. Once you become more health-conscious, you might choose to shop in more high-quality places.

8. I’m less tired

Vanilla Black
Vanilla Black (Laura Dennison/PA)

I used to have a nap every day after work. Literally, every day. I could sleep anywhere, at any time.

Now I sleep approximately eight to nine hours and it doesn’t take me half the day to wake up. I have an unbelievable amount of energy.

9. My sweat smells less

Vanilla Black
Offering my pits to restaurant goers (Laura Dennison/PA)

Honestly. This is a weird one, because no one told me that this might happen.

I’ve actually stopped wearing deodorant now. Overshare?

10. Veganism is far easier than you think

Laura Dennison on Twitter

The first two weeks are a bit painful. You will miss cheese and bacon, but once you get over that, the cravings fade and you find a new appreciation for healthy foods.

Plus, facon is actually quite nice.

11. My skin has improved a lot

Laura Dennison at Black Cat Cafe
Black Cat Cafe (Laura Dennison/PA)

I wish someone would’ve told me in my teens that if I gave up meat and dairy my skin would clear up.

It would’ve saved me a lot of money on Miss Sporty concealer.

12. The ‘protein’ argument is completely redundant

Laura Dennison on Twitter

Have you ever known anyone to be deficient in protein?

Nope? Didn’t think so.

13. I suck at video diaries

(But you can’t have everything.)
Laura Dennison on Twitter

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