Assembling flat pack furniture, jump-starting a car and wiring a plug are among the skills Brits wish they’d been taught at school.

A new study has revealed the top 30 responsibilities adults feel they would have been better off learning rather than subjects such as Spanish, geography or religious education.

How to unblock the toilet, put up a shelf and plaster a wall are other undertakings which should have been on the national curriculum, according to millions of adults.

More than a third of those polled by Able Skills wish there had been lessons in how to budget, and a further 32% would have appreciated classes on the importance of insurance.

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Changing a car tyre, installing new taps and how to take out a pension are also on the list of skills Brits wish they’d been taught during their school years.

Furthermore, millions of adults wish they’d had lessons in how to turn off the water in the house, lay a carpet and strip wallpaper without damaging the wall.

They also wish they’d been taught other manual skills such as how to use a drill, how to put up a fence and how to change a lightbulb.

When asked which lessons had no impact on their adult life at all, drama, art and French were named as the least useful lessons attended.

Half of respondents have already retrained during their adult life. Many have become electricians, carpenters and mechanics.

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