They say love conquers all – but it might have a hard time getting over these Valentine’s Day horrors.

From naff presents to romantic breaks that were anything but, we bring you the worst February 14ths in the history of February 14ths.

All stories are 100% true. Unfortunately.

“My worst Valentine’s Day was back in 2010 when my then boyfriend booked Eurostar tickets for us to go to Paris. I thought this would mean a holiday, but he’d literally just booked the train, leaving me to pay for everything else.

“When we arrived, my phone wasn’t working so I used his to text my mum and let her know we’d gotten there safely – and that’s when his inbox pinged with a message from the girl he’d been seeing behind my back.

“We then had to spend four days over Valentine’s weekend in the so-called ‘City of Love’ not speaking. I ended up getting drunk in the Hard Rock Café alone while he slept in the bath.”
Natasha, London

“Last Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend broke up with me by text. He messaged me that morning to tell me he’d been cheating for our entire relationship.”
Hannah, Birmingham

“I once got a card that had another girl’s name crossed out with mine written underneath. Romantic.”
Rebecca, London

“We’d been married for nine years and were in a bad patch. On Valentine’s Day we booked a restaurant we really couldn't afford in the hope of patching things up. We ended up rowing before the starter even came - one of those fights where you're trying to hiss quietly while everyone stares.

“By the main course I was weeping into my napkin and I'd stormed out before pudding. What made it worse was that the guy on the next table was proposing. We can't have been a good advert for marriage.”
Louise, Manchester

“One year, my husband thought he was being really clever by hiding my present in the oven. It would have been a nice surprise – had he not forgotten to tell me before I started cooking breakfast, burning it to a crisp.”
Fiona, Sussex

“One year, my husband and I went to the pub with some friends. He got very drunk, went to fart but had a slight… accident instead. I ended up driving home with him on all fours in the back seat so that it didn’t happen again.”
Kate, Norwich

“I’d been going out with my boyfriend a few months and it was going great. I was really excited about our first Valentine’s together – until he presented me with my present. A wrench. His explanation? “Well, everyone needs one for their car, don’t they? I thought it’d come in handy.”
Leanne, South Wales

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