They’re called ‘the January blues’ for a reason and they affect EVERYONE. Whether you’re drinking (or not), working out (or not), you’re bound to feel a bit meh for most of the month.

Here are the key struggles that we can all relate to during this tough time.

1. First of all, you unavoidably have to get back to work.

You’ve also forgotten how to work.

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2. You also know you’ve got to get back into exercising.

*Groans*. But you also know the gym will be full of like-minded grumpy people (like you). What a cliche.

3. There’s added pressure if you’ve got something big coming up that you want to shape up for.

Adele managed to embody that feeling ahead of her 2016 tour with one simple facial expression.

4. If you’re not a gym-fiend, January’s still no fun.

All this clean eating chatter means you’re made to feel super bad about munching through all the leftover Christmas chocs.

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5. For anyone with a January birthday, it’s a terrible, terrible time.

Everyone’s skint so trying to convince friends to dig deep so you can celebrate is near-on impossible.

6. That’s not even STARTING on trying to convince the Dry January-ers to briefly break away from their health kick.

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7. In reality, it not just the January birthday folk who’re affected.

Anyone who wants to have any sort of boozy fun is in for a tough time.

8. And, of course, those who’ve vowed to partake in Dry January are also regretting their decision.

Whatever the situation, it affects us all.

This person managed to sum it all up in four fine adjectives.

Here’s to February.

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