It’s the great sweet conspiracy that’s been plaguing us for decades: our favourite chocolate bars seem to have been getting smaller, while their prices haven’t. And nobody likes to think they’re being swindled out of chocolate!

A poll of 500 Brits has found that a whopping 79.8% of us believe our favourite treats have been getting smaller.

So lifestyle website Appliance City went out in search of the truth about chocolate bar sizes – and here’s what they unearthed

Shrinking choc bars


Yorkie fared the worst. The original bar weighed 58g in the 1970s and shrunk to 52g over the coming years – before increasing to a massive 70g in the noughties. Alas, it has gradually shrunk back down again, to a measly weight of 46g.


Believe it or not, we actually get a little more from our wafer fingers than we used to. From 35g in the 1960s, the humble favourite is now a sturdy 45g.


Mars bars’ current size is another surprising revelation, having increased 4g since the 1960s to reach 65g in the 1990s. But that was its peak: it’s since shrunk back down to 51g.

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Like Mars, the Snickers peaked in the 1990s – weighing 62g before it shrivelled its way back down to 48g now.


This one has suffered a significant slump in size – from 60g in the 1980s to 50g today.  We need a moment to take that in…


Not much change for the famous Lion bar, even though it feels like it. It’s actually got a whole 1g bigger since the 1980s.

Double Decker

From humble beginnings in the 1970s as a measly 42g bar, the Double Decker rose to 60g in the 1990s and Noughties – before 5g was cruelly snatched away from us in the 2010s.

Creme Egg

The steadiest of all the chocolates in terms of growth over the years – going up just 1g over the years, from 34g to 35g. So why does it feel like they’re so much smaller these days? It must be because we’re actually a whole lot bigger ourselves..!

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