What’s red and yellow and striped all over?

A pepper that’s bursting with vitamin C and sweetness – obviously…

Asda Extra Special Stripy Pepper

That’s right. If a plain coloured pepper isn’t quite enough for your shopping basket, Asda has today launched the world’s first ever red and yellow stripy pepper to its Extra Special range.

The “super pepper” apparently began as a natural mutation of a normal one but a family-run sweet pepper nursery in the Netherlands noticed distinct differences, which could be cultivated to make the unique multicoloured creation.

According to the supermarket, the special pepper is bursting with sprouts inside meaning its packed with nutrients and also has a higher dose of vitamin C than an orange. It also apparently has a naturally sweeter flavour and weighs twice as much as a normal pepper.

Charlie Mills, fresh produce manager at Asda, said: “We take great pride in being the only supermarket to stock striped peppers. After working with the grower for seven years to cultivate this unique product, it’s great to see them finally hit shelves. Not only do they look fantastic, but they’ve been grown in conditions of the highest quality meaning these peppers are packed full of nutrients and taste even sweeter than run of the mill peppers.

Asda Extra Special Stripy Pepper

“Whether you’re looking for a healthy option to satisfy your sweet tooth, or innovative ways to jazz up mealtimes, the Extra Special Stripy Pepper is a fantastic addition to Asda’s fresh produce range, which all the family can enjoy.”

It is hoped the new fruit (priced at £1) will also help parents make peppers more appealing for children.

This is not the first time fruits and veggies have come in more unusual colours. Tomatoes can come in shades of green and yellow, while carrots were originally purple and you can also get yellow beetroot.

Runner beans can come in a purple variation and yellow raspberries do actually exist too.

We’re not sure how much we fancy blue potatoes though…