Whether we’re from up north, down south, or somewhere in the middle, we all like to think that we live in the best part of the country.

But, when it comes to the top cities in the UK, a new poll from YouGov has found that Brighton has the proudest residents - with 91% of Brightonians expressing pride in their city.

Mary Wheeler, senior research executive for YouGov CityBus, said: ‘Whether it is the sea air and iconic beaches, lovely locals or a diverse cultural landscape, it’s clear that those in Brighton have a good deal to be rightly proud of.”

With a 70 minute commute into London, Brighton is a hugely popular choice for families who want to be able to work in the capital but still live by the sea and enjoy the vibrant city life.

Edinburgh, Cardiff and Bristol also proved to be popular cities that people were proud to call home.

One city that didn’t fare so well was Birmingham, with 25% of inhabitants saying they aren’t proud of the fact they live there - mainly because of the negative stereotype people have of Birmingham residents.

Ranked at number five of the 10 cities polled, London’s performance was fairly underwhelming considering it’s our capital city, with residents saying it was likely they would leave in the future - although this could be attributed to astronomical house prices which make it increasingly difficult to get on the property ladder.

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