Britain's oldest rescue cat is struggling to find a home - because potential suitors are put off by her terrifying eyes.

Adorable Pops was found dazed and stumbling by the side of the road two months ago.

The 19-year-old was rushed to the vets by a concerned member of the public, only to be told she was simply suffering from old age.

Pops has slightly matted ginger fur, struggles to walk and is almost blind in both eyes - giving her a ghoulish appearance.

Pops cat

It is thought her owner may have been an elderly person who passed away - with family members forgetting about Pops.

She was later taken in by the Cats Protection League's Midsomer Norton and Radstock branch near Bath, Somerset.

Age 93 in cat years

But visitors are put off by her striking eyes and lack of mobility and Pops - who is 93 in cat years - is being constantly overlooked.

It is thought she is the oldest cat currently looking for a home in a rescue centre.

Belinda Dark, a volunteer at the charity who keeps a close eye on Pops, said: "I think because of her sight and health problems she isn't everyone's first choice.

"Her appearance isn't as favourable as some of the younger kittens. I think people are put off my eyes or how frail she is.

On the lookout for a loving family

"It would be lovely to see her go to a loving family. We think she may have been abandoned after an elderly owner became unable to look after her.

"She was very confused when she came to us, her sight is very poor and she is a weak old cat but she loves being close to you and being petted - she's incredibly friendly and doing well for her age.

Pops cat

"Pops is certainly the oldest cat we are aware of in our care. We've had a 14 year old before but never one as old as her."

Figures from across Cats Protection's 31 adoption centres show currently nearly 10% of cats in care are 11 years old and older.

On average older cats take around five times longer than kittens to be adopted.

However, during kitten season, which runs between April and September, older cats take six and a half times longer to be rehomed than kittens.

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Despite more than 500 people engaging with Pops' story on Facebook in the last two months, as well as being advertised on Animal Search UK, no one has yet come forward to either claim or offer her a home.

Older cats get left behind

Belinda added: "During the spring summer months we see a dramatic rise in kittens being adopted instead of older cats, it can be horribly sad to see them left behind.

"I think often older cats can get a little overlooked, much like second-hand items, but ultimately there is just as much joy in rehoming an older cat as there is a kitten.

"Life in a pen is no substitute for a permanent home so we would urge people to consider adopting an older cat.

"Pops is a loving, adorable cat who loves to be petted. If only cats could talk I feel Pops probably has a very sad story to tell - it would be lovely to give her the happy ending she deserves."

If you can care for Pops and give her a loving, forever home, contact the Cats Protection League's Midsomer Norton and Radstock branch on 01761 410594 an dlet us know how you get on in the Comments below.

Photo credit: SWNS