Keen to make the most of summer? Aren't we all - but there's one thing that stops our fun.Wasps. And unlike the beloved, beautiful bee, wasps are a bit of a pest, aren’t they? Here are five reasons we’d like to tell them to buzz off…

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They turn quaint picnics into extreme sports

As far as weekend activities go, picnics tend to score pretty low on the danger scale – or do they? Throw a hungry wasp into the picture, and suddenly laying out plates of sarnies and strawberries becomes a sting-defying feat.

And the biggest irony of all? The prettier and more Instagram-worthy your setting and spread (think wildflower meadow and a colourful array of fruit salads and homemade punch), the more winged gatecrashers you’re likely to attract.

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They ruin romantic encounters

When lovers in movies roll around in long grass, nothing goes wrong. They never have to say things like, “Hang on a sec, darling, you’re leaning on my shirt sleeve”, “Oops, just put my elbow in some cow dung”, or “Ouch, these reeds are scratching my bum”. Real life isn’t like the movies, though.

If you do pull off that perfect, artful kiss, you’d best make it quick – and keep one eye open. Roll onto an angry wasp and you’ll end up tingling with pain, not pleasure.

They reveal our inner wimps

OK, so if you’re allergic to wasp stings, wanting to keep away from them is just plain sensible. And for young children, being afraid of a painful sting is understandable (as it is for anybody, to be fair).

But there is something slightly daft about the sight of us big, burly grown-ups squealing and hopping around in fear over something thousands of times tinier than us.

They zap the joy from eating ice cream

The sun’s out, it’s the weekend – and no matter what your age, the joy of tucking into an ice cream on a summer’s day never gets old… Until a wasp decides to join in, that is.

Do you keep batting it away and risk making it angry? Or admit defeat and abandon your creamy treat altogether? Grrr!

They pinch the Pimm’s (and the beer)

Enjoying an al fresco drink has got to be one of the highlights of the warmer months, whether that’s a cool beer or a jug of Pimm’s. While we’d like to think summer’s a time to throw caution to the wind, however, that’s not really possible, is it?

No. Because turn around for a second and you can guarantee a bloomin’ wasp will have mistaken your glass or beer bottle for an insect swimming pool. God forbid you carelessly glug away without checking first…