We may be starting to think about Christmas and all the tasks that go along with it but our friendly pets have other ideas… and are secretly plotting to obliterate Christmas completely.

Watch out, because anyone of these could be the Grinch in clever disguise.

1. This cat who is eating his way through the Christmas tree

2. This cat who clearly doesn’t want to be someone’s Christmas present

3. This cat who is just bored of it all

4.This cat who is refusing to wear his Santa hat

5. This cat who is sabotaging Christmas at his house

6. This cat who really hates his Christmas outfit

7. This cat who really, really doesn’t want the lights to go up

8. This cat got stuck while trying to nibble the tinsel

9. This cat who has successfully taken down the Christmas tree


10. This cat who didn’t sign up to be Santa Claus

11. This cat who has found the answer to all his festive problems