Few occasions call for a cheeseboard quite as all-encompassing and tasty as Christmas which, in our opinion, makes it the biggest celebration of the year!

Ensure your offering leaves anything but a bad taste in the mouth by following Jacobs' guide:

• Select around four cheeses of varying strengths and textures - this will make a well-rounded cheeseboard that's not overwhelming.

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• Contrary to popular opinion, red wines just don't work with most cheeses as they don't have enough acidity to cut through the richness - if in doubt, stick to white.

• A good general rule of thumb is about 50g of cheese per person; any more and you're likely to have a lot left over.

• Always go for quality over quantity - if you're on a budget stick to fewer, better cheeses.

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• Avoid including bread with your cheese course. It's too stodgy and filling to counterbalance the rich cheese and lacks the crispness required that you get from a cracker.

• Chalk and cheese? Sometimes opposites do attract; the sweetness of fruit or sweet drinks (especially dessert wines) work amazingly well with the intense salty tang of blue cheeses.

• However, sometimes similar flavours to work exceptionally well together. Brie with a rich, buttery Chardonnay is a match made in heaven!

• Combining crisp or crunchy food with soft cheese can give a great textural contrast. 

• Make sure you cut your cheese correctly. Never cut the tip of a triangle and cut round cheeses like a cake.

Will you be enjoying a cheeseboard this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below...