Mothers deserve their Christmas presents the most, according to a survey of children aged between five and eight years old.

Children voted themselves as the next most deserving of Christmas gifts, followed by fathers and siblings.

The research, from deals website Groupon, also found 3% of children think their pet deserves Christmas presents the most out of their family members, compared with 1% who voted for aunts or uncles.

The findings also suggest children generally have an accurate idea of how much their parents spend on Christmas.

On average, children thought the cost of Christmas came to £595, while adults said the typical Christmas spend was £646.

Parents said they typically spent £277.40 on gifts for their children at Christmas, while children estimated the cost slightly higher, at £395.50.

Nearly half (49%) of children said they would probably give up their own Christmas present if their parents did not have any.

A holiday was the present that children were most likely to think their parents needed, while one in four (25%) children said their parents would like more time to play with them as the ultimate gift.

Some 1,000 children aged between five and eight years old were surveyed, as well as 1,000 parents.

Here is how children answered when asked who in their family they think should have Christmas presents the most, according to Groupon:

:: Mum, 43%

:: Myself, 26%

:: Dad, 11%

:: Brother or sister, 11%

:: Grandparent, 3%

:: My pet, 3%

:: Aunt or uncle, 1%