Nursing staff are trying to trace a grateful patient who has sent them an anonymous Christmas card each year for the last 54 years.

Hospital matron Sue Brooks is hoping to solve the mystery by tracing the patient to say thank you for the six decades of Christmas wishes.

She said the card arrives in the post at Stamford Hospital in Lincolnshire every year signed "from a grateful patient who stayed on Exeter Ward in 1960".

It states: "May all staff and patients have a good Christmas and a healthy New Year."

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Exeter Ward is now derelict and awaiting re-development, but it was a busy men's ward in 1960, so staff believe the card has been sent by a former male patient.

"It appears on my desk every year and it is obviously from a male patient who was with us in 1960,” said Sue.

"He obviously had cause to be grateful for his treatment so I'm really intrigued to find out who this patient is and why he feels the need to say thank you so often and for 50-plus years.

"His gratitude has spanned 54 years and as a nurse that makes me really interested to know why and what happened to him and what did we do for him at Stamford Hospital?

"It is so lovely to know that a patient still thinks of our staff after all these years.

"I hope that the fact he sends in a card is a sign that he was happy with the care he received here.

"It would be wonderful to say thank you on behalf of all our staff past and present and get the chance to wish this person a Happy Christmas from us."

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