Christmas seems to come earlier every year, with shops putting gifts on sale as early as October and festive adverts flooding the commercial breaks in November.

Despite the grumbling, some of us embrace the early start, with a new survey by revealing that one in five of us will have our Christmas tree up and decorated in November.

In fact, just under 9% already had their decorations up when surveyed last week.

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The majority (55.77%), opt to put up the tree in the first week of December, and just under 2% of respondents leave it as late as Christmas Eve.

Steve Barnes, Managing Director of, said that many more people embrace the Christmas spirit earlier than you would expect.

"It's often said that Christmas comes earlier every year, with many shoppers complaining about Christmas music playing even before Halloween this time around.

"However, obviously some people don't see it as a bad thing with almost a fifth of Brits planning on decking the halls before the end of the month.

"As Wizzard once said, I wish it could be Christmas every day."

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) says it’s fine to put up a tree from December 1 onwards, but the middle of the month is a good time to put them up if you want to avoid them shedding their needles early.

BCTGA Secretary Harry Brightwell said between six to eight million Christmas trees are purchased across the UK each year.

"BCTGA recommend that trees are not purchased until December or at least not brought inside until December.”