New research has shown that over a lifetime women spend on average three months preparing for Christmas – whereas men spend 24 days less.

With the festive season well under way, research from investment company Scottish Widows reveals that women are still taking on more than their fair share of Christmas chores when it comes to household festive preparations.

Women spend an average of 94 days – more than three months – preparing for Christmas over a lifetime. This includes buying presents, cleaning the house ahead of family events and wrapping gifts.

The research also uncovered that men are spending a total of 70 days in a lifetime on Christmas preparations, 24 days fewer than women. The tasks men are keen to lend a hand on include coordinating outings with family and friends, preparing the festive feast and looking for unusual ingredients in the supermarket for Christmas dishes.

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Using the recently launched ONS Unpaid Work calculator to determine the value of this workload, Scottish Widows found that the total value of the hours women spend preparing Christmas over their lifetime equates to £19,356. This is £4,926 more than men over the course of a lifetime.

In addition to the extra hours invested by women, they are four times more likely than men to be putting in the most effort over the festive period.

“Both men and women invest a lot of time getting ready for Christmas but it’s clear from our research that women bear the load during the festive season,” said Catherine Stewart of Scottish Widows.

“It’s important that we share the preparations equally this December. Whoever spends the most time getting the family ready for Christmas should be treated to a ‘Festive Feet Up’ – even if it’s just one hour, it can make all the difference.”

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The research also discovered some of Brits’ top Christmas frustrations. Long queues in busy stores same in at 43%, followed by writing Christmas cards (16%) and dealing with annoying relatives (15%). The top frustration? Cleaning the house, which 75% of people found frustrating.

Two thirds of Brits say that they would pay someone else to do these tasks for them, including nearly a quarter who would have their presents wrapped for them, one in five who would have someone queue in shops for them or 14% who would gladly outsource present buying for loved ones.

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