A professional David Cameron lookalike who earns £500 a day for being the Prime Minister reveals he also moonlights as Nick Clegg – just by changing his tie.

Bentley Browning, 52, is paid to pose as both the Prime Minister and Mr Cameron's former right-hand man.

He has worked as a professional lookalike for four years.

Mr Browning said: "Just switch the tie from blue to yellow and that's it.

"I spike my hair up a bit more but aside from that there's no difference."

Mr Browning, from Hampstead, North London, has taken on the role of Mr Cameron for everything from testing bread machines to taking selfies with tourists outside Whitehall.

And he has appeared as former Liberal Democrats leader Clegg on ITV's This Morning.

Girlfriend noticed resemblance

The lookalike who can earn £500 for an all-day appearance and is so successful he employs his own bodyguards.

Mr Browning did not notice his resemblance to the Tory MP until a former girlfriend mentioned it.

He said: "It was during the election campaign in 2010, there were pictures of him everywhere and on the news.

"My girlfriend at the time looked at me and said I looked like him.”

Mr Browning approached a number of lookalike agencies and a bidding war ensured.

"I thought I'd give it a try," he said. "I don't think I look like him, but it's amazing what wearing a suit can do.

"I'm game for a laugh and I decided to see if I could be a lookalike.

Bidding war

"I sent off a load of pictures of myself to agencies and four tried to sign me up."

Mr Browning, who is more likely to be seen in a denim shirt and leather jacket than a suit, said he was immediately snapped up.

He said: "Straight away the jobs were coming in.

"On a good month it will be one a week.

"One of the first ones was on the Alan Titchmarsh show. After David Cameron said he only makes his own bread, they had me and a Samantha Cameron lookalike on to test all these bread makers.

"It was just so hilarious, I was trying to do his mannerisms but the whole thing was very surreal."

Drug-dealing Dave

Mr Browning has since taken part in a variety of projects, most of which have sent up the Prime Minister.

He said: "I've danced in front of Whitehall in my pants with The Chippendoubles, a troupe of lookalikes, and done walkabouts with a lookalike Queen – that stopped traffic.

"I get all sorts of requests.

"I've worked with some students on an art project where I walked around Peckham, South London, spouting his speeches.

"But the least fun was probably doing an anti-drugs campaign when I was dressed as Cameron in a suit and tie in a club in Hackney pretending to deal drugs.

"Everyone else was off their faces.

"It was not the best night I've ever had."

Selfies with tourists

When walking around in character, Mr Browning is concerned that some could mistake him for the real deal.

He said: "When I am in Whitehall tourists come up to me.

"They want to have a selfie with me or to speak to me.

"I've started bringing along some bodyguards for walkabouts now.

"They're just burly guys that I know but it does the trick.

"It looks more realistic too."

Mr Browning's day job is teaching stand-up comedy and working as a stand-up comic.

He also runs a programme called Comedy for Clergy, for members of the clergy to be more entertaining, so he takes the jobs with a pinch of salt.


He accidentally discovered a likeness to Nick Clegg while taking part in a segment on daytime television show This Morning in May 2010.

He said: "I was meant to be on as David Cameron but then they found someone else.

"So they asked if I fancied being Nick Clegg instead.

"It didn't take much, Nick has his hair a bit more stuck up but they look very similar."

Mr Browning took part in the Green Party's satirical video as part of their general election campaign poking fun at the other leaders – so he voted Green.

The video showed Cameron, Clegg, former Labour leader Ed Miliband and Ukip leader Nigel Farage as a boyband.

Although many people assume he would be glad of the work, he was disappointed Cameron was voted in with a majority.

He said: "I was just thinking four more years of this, having to wear a suit.

"I was hoping he wouldn't get in then I'd be free of it."