When you have a new baby, it can seem like you are lugging the whole world around with you. Babies do need a lot of things, however, you can reduce the volume by making sure you only carry the essentials.

You’ll need a strong bag – if you don’t like the idea of a regular changing bag, a rucksack, like the Babymule (£84) is a great alternative.

It’s also a good idea to have a regular clean out of your bag to get rid of any uneaten food and rubbish. It’s amazing what you’ll find at the bottom of a changing bag!

Changing mat: Most changing bags come with a mat. Pampers also make disposable changing mats, £4.25.

Nappies: Be prepared but don’t bring a whole pack, especially if you’re going anywhere near shops and you can buy them.

Nappy bags: As well as used nappies, these are also good for storing dirty bibs or muslin cloths in. It’s also a good idea to put your clean nappies in a bag in case you get any leakages in your bag as you don’t want the nappies to absorb any liquid.

Baby wipes: If you’re going out all day, take a big pack. They’re very useful if baby is sick on you too!

Muslin cloths: These are an all-rounder! Great for feeding time, mopping up messes or for baby to play peekaboo with!

Nappy cream: Look out for sample size versions of your favourite nappy creams as this will save a lot of space in your bag.

Bottles: They lose their sterility quickly so fill them with boiled water to slow the process.

Milk powder holder: If you don’t fancy making up baby’s bottle when you're out and about, you can buy cartons of formula ready-made. They are pricey but can be a godsend.

A spare dummy: If your little one uses a dummy, take a spare as there’s a good chance you’ll lose the original just as they want it.

Baby food: If you’re at the weaning stage and you’ll be out at feeding time, remember to pack some food. Most cafes will let you warm it up for free.

A spoon: Obviously important if you’re weaning, but a spoon will also come in useful if your little one needs some medicine.

A bib: For out and about, towelling bibs are best as they fold down to almost nothing.

Spare clothes for baby: Nappies can explode and babies can be sick so it’s always best to take a change of clothes.

Spare top for you: This is essential if you have a reflux baby and saves the trauma of trying to clean yourself up with baby wipes!

Something to amuse your little one: Whether it’s a rattle or a favourite cuddly toy, this can come in very handy in queues or when your little one gets fractious.

Sun cream: Even if it doesn’t feel very warm, babies and toddlers can catch the sun easily. Choose a 50 factor and one that is formulated for babies or sensitive skin.

A hat: A woolly one in the winter, something lighter in the summer.

Antiseptic hand gel: Useful if there’s nowhere to wash your hands after your’ve changed baby’s nappy.

Medicine: You can now get infant paracetamol in sachets, which makes it easy to carry around. Just remember to pack a spoon.