This month sees Brits take the Stoptober challenge, it’s like October but without cigarettes .

And the term Ocsober, usually done in January in Australia, makes its way to the UK under the guise of Ocsober or the Dryathalon, challenging British drinkers to quit alcohol for a whole month, a good test for will power.

While Stoptober challenges you to join the 19,000 other Brits keen to give up bad breath, defunct taste buds and nicotine stained finger tips - in short, cigarettes.

Top tips to quitting

  • go to specialist sites for free help packs.
  • Sign up to Facebook pages to channel more support and share your struggles.
  • Pinpoint why you want to give up, you need a powerful personal reason to see it through.
  • Always remember, nicotine and alcohol are addictive - going cold turkey isn’t easy.
  • Don’t go it alone, discuss with friends and family get support.
  • Manage your stress in different ways, try massages or yoga.
  • Save your pennies from not buying cigarettes and alcohol and treat yourself.
  • Air your house and clothes after you decide to quit – throw away all ash trays.
  • If you fall of the wagon it’s OK, dust yourself off and climb back on.

Now, I don’t smoke but as a “social drinker” I will be taking part in Ocsober this year and keeping a diary - my first hurdle is convincing my friend tonight that Elderflower cordial is better than a chilled G&T…. Wish me luck!