The proud expression on daddy's face, the slumbering baby, the atmospheric black and white. This could be an Athena poster from the 1980s.

But, a mere heartbeat later, the scene changes dramatically as four-day-old baby Ted lets loose on his pa's arm with a torrent of liquid poop.

The mellow-to-messy sequence occurred when doting dad Al Ferguson, 26, from Kent, took his newborn for a charming shoot with professional photographer Kirsty Grant.

The images see Al immediately lose his picture grin, but tiny Ted has a look of visible relief on his face.

Al is used to the ups and downs of parenting, which he writes about on parenting blog The Dad Network, but he even he didn't expect such excitement at the shoot, which he attended with fellow teacher wife Jen, 36.

He explains: "We wanted to capture Ted in the earliest stages. Those first few weeks go so quickly, we wanted some quality reminders of him. Photos are very precious as they capture a moment and create a memory.

"Before the pictures we tried to make Ted drift off to sleep. Once his eyes slid shut we tried to start to manipulate him into the various poses we were after.

“This one on my arm was one of the first we tried. Luckily he didn't wake up and nuzzled into my palm where he remained peacefully asleep.

“Kirsty was snapping away and Jen was watching from across the room. We were tip-toeing round him making sure we didn't disturb him.

"During the shoot I felt his tummy muscles tense up and in that moment I knew what was about to happen. Unfortunately, it was just a moment and before I could do anything Ted exploded from his bum.

"It's a weird feeling having so many thoughts in a split second and not having time to act on any of them.

“I knew what was going to happen the second his body tensed. I stood in shock: mainly at the state of the carpet. In that same moment though, Kirsty managed to dive down to grab a nappy and attempt to stem the flow and still managed to press the shutter.

"Afterwards Kirsty and Jen fell about laughing. I however, stood, pretty blanked face looking at the shaggy carpet.

“At first, Kirsty hadn't realised she'd caught it and we joked, ‘wouldn't it have been amazing if you'd caught that on camera’.

Baby poops in dad's arms

“Then she looked back through the images and realised she'd caught it perfectly. This sent the laughter into hysterics and even I forgot about the rug at this point. We couldn't believe it and we couldn't believe the perfection of the timing. We cleaned up and carried on with the shoot!

"I am amazed that people online have got excited by the pictures. I mean, this photo is one of a kind and totally unique, so I'm not surprised it has gone viral. But until something does go viral, you never really know what it's like.

“People all over the world are looking at my little Ted. I think that parents world wide relate to the image and enjoy the funny side of it and non-parents are probably just a little grossed out by it. Bizarrely, when you become a parent, your own child's poo doesn't seem that disgusting.

"I think that now this photo had received the attention it has, we definitely have to frame it and put it on the wall. Maybe a before and after canvas?"

The saying ‘out of the mouths of babes’ certainly needs a tweak for this particular newborn babe.