Imagine a place where you could spend all day floating around in purified water before drying yourself off with a purified, handmade towel.

Welcome to Float Baby, the first baby spa to open in America.

Kristi Ison, a certified instructor of infant massage, wanted to create a resource for parents to introduce their baby to water from as early as two weeks.

Kristi Ison/Rex Features.

The result is Houston-based Float Baby, a facility with custom tubs with ozone purified water, handmade anti-microbial towels, a laundering system for swim diapers and towels that purify without the use of detergent's harmful chemicals.

It is also a great place for little ones to bob about in a social atmosphere.

Kristi, a mother of two teenage children, worked in the medical device industry for more than 17 years, specialising in unique technology and start-up companies.

But she has now launched her most ambitious project yet, with a goal to provide Houston babies, and their families, with the many benefits she believes water therapy can offer.

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Kristi explains: "We are the first baby spa in the US, located in Houston, Texas. Float Baby is a resource for parents to introduce their baby to water from as early as two weeks.

"Our program focuses on nurturing three key components for each baby: early cognitive development, improved physical strength, and well-rounded social experiences.

"Our patented flotation cover with varying sizes allows for us to work with pre-term infants who are on the smaller size, up to babies who are roughly eight months of age.

"We created this in order to appropriately fit each baby safely and comfortably. We have floated over 330 clients since opening in February 2014, and the babies love the freedom they experience.

Kristi Ison/Rex Features.

"Before crawling, movement is limited to cradles, rockers, or being held. Float Baby offers them the opportunity to move about the water unrestricted.

"We asked a paediatric chiropractor for an opinion on the natural traction babies experience with our device and the feedback was positive. She said that this ability to gain traction at only 10 % of a baby's body weight [what they weigh in the water] is wonderful, especially for those delivered through the birth canal.

"We also have many clients with torticollis [trouble turning the head due to muscle tightness] and have learned that babies can gain five degrees of rotation or more with regular visits.

"Additionally, our state of the art facility assures absolute sterility and is ideal for parents who desire an activity to do with pre-terms at risk of RSV [respiratory syncytial virus] during the colder months."

Kristi Ison/Rex Features.

After the babies float for up to 20 minutes, parents  can give their baby a full body massage, led by a certified infant massage instructor.

"Parents consistently report that their babies are sleeping better, eating more, and are generally happier and stronger," Krist commented.

"We encourage parents to bathe or swim with their babies at home and to incorporate the massage techniques that they learn from us into their daily routines. Our program allows for babies and parents to enjoy a unique experience and socialise with other families each week."

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