12 signs you’re a pushy parent

We all want our kids to succeed but have you gone from a supportive to pushy parent?
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    Stephanie Lowe
    Last updated: 18 July 2014, 09:04 BST

    It’s natural to want the best for your offspring, but have you crossed the line from supportive mum or dad to pushy parent? Here are our 12 tell-tale signs…

    12 signs you are a pushy parent

    1. You tell your six-year-old to read his library books on Ancient Greek before flute practice.

    2. The fact your three-year-old reads level 1-2 Biff and Chip books is your new Facebook status.

    3. When your child has to dress up as a character from ‘Classic Tales’ she chooses Medusa.

    4. You take the term ‘sink or swim’ a little too literally – armbands are for wimps.

    5. You’re willing to ‘do time’ for that referee if he so much as flirts with the corner of his red card.

    6. Your child knows algebraic equations, but hand them a ‘two-er’ Lego brick and they stare blankly at it.

    7. You see nothing wrong with demanding a dressing room for your three-year-old in the Nativity Play – What? She IS the leading lady after all.

    8. You make your two-year-old drop and give you 20 when they can’t ‘keepy-uppy’ a football.

    9. Play-Doh isn’t good enough - your toddler’s taking private art lessons.

    10. You greet other mums with “Is he walking yet?” instead of the normal “Hello”.

    11. You offer your little one a bribe if they finish cello practice - a new book on Ancient Rome.

    12. You ask your tot if they would like a tasty treat and they ask for a rice cake.

    Stephanie Lowe
    Last updated: 18 July 2014, 09:04 BST

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