If images of Kate, Will and George on their royal tour of New Zealand and Australia have whetted your appetite, you're in luck!

While we can't promise an actual trip with the royal trio, luxury website VeryFirstTo.com has teamed up with tour operator Bridge & Wickers to offer the next best thing - their very own royal Australian tour package.

Ayres rock

The 'Luxury Royal Australian Tour' will incorporate top destinations visited by the Royal Family and much more – however the good news is that you won’t have to rub noses with local dignitaries or race any yachts…

The itinerary for the actual royal 10-day tour of Australia, which starts this week, includes visits to Uluru (Ayres Rock), the Blue Mountains and Sydney - all of which are included in this exclusive package.

Sydney by seaplane

For the bargain price of £341,000, you’ll not only visit a variety of amazing places in Australia, but you’re also travel in style in chauffeured limos, private yachts and even seaplanes.

There are a variety of experiences on offer as well including tastings with wine makers, private tours of the Sydney Opera House and a visit to Targona Zoo, where the royal party will visit the bilby enclosure, which is being named after Prince George.

Bling dummy worth £10000

And the luxury doesn’t stop there – if you’re travelling with your own baby George, the package also includes a Tiffany’s silver cup, a Prada baby bag and a white gold and 3ct diamond dummy, worth a staggering £10,200.

How the other half live, eh?