Pomegranates could reverse some of the damage done by junk food, according to research.

Spanish researchers looked at the effect of a pill, packed with pomegranate plant chemicals called polyphenols, on the circulation of pigs as their cardiovascular system is very similar to humans.

This study is the first of its kind and showed that a daily dose of Pomanes - a supplement with 200mg of polyphenols called punicalagins - cancelled out damage to blood vessels.

Researcher Dr Lina Badimon, of the Catalan Institute for Cardiovascular Sciences in Spain, said the fruit could even help in the prevention of strokes.

“Enriching a diet with pomegranate polyphenols can help in preventing and retarding endothelial dysfunctions, which are among the first signs of atherosclerosis and strokes.”

These findings confirm the benefits of the fruit long hailed as a superfood. A daily dose of pomegranate has always been advised as it’s apt at lowering blood pressure and improving flow of blood to the heart.