Forget what your birth certificate says – British women are more concerned with their ‘face-age’ says a new study.

British women believe their ‘face-age’ – how old people they think they look – is an average of five years younger than their actual birth date.

Three-quarters of women say they can shave five years off their age thanks to good skin, with one in 10 believing they look a decade younger that they actually are.

The research, from Lancôme Advanced Génifique, reveals that British women are more confident than ever in their looks.

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Crucially, a third said they would happily embrace growing old, but more than 60% said it did not hurt to try to slow down the aging process.

With that in mind, we’ve found five celebrities who clearly know the secret to eternal youth and look at least five years younger than they actually are…

Julianne Moore

Perhaps it’s the red-headed star’s cutesy freckles that keep her looking so young. At 53-years-old, she could certainly pass for quite a few years younger.

Amanda Holden

She has said she hates going to the gym but whatever 43-year-old Amanda Holden is taking to keep her looking young, we’re buying.

Gwen Stefani

She’s part rock-star, part supermom and at 44, Gwen shows no signs of acting her age. We think the platinum blonde beauty is looking better than ever.

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen turns 70 next year but that hasn’t stopped her giving her younger co-stars a run for their money. Pink hair, red lips and stripper shoes keep her young!

Pharrell Williams

He’s 40. 40! With moves that slick, Pharrell fools us all.