We spend tens of thousands of pounds a year in the desperate attempt to make our skin look younger and more youthful but did you know there’s an easier – and cheaper - way to roll back the years.

It’s all down to your wardrobe. Follow these simple tweaks to a younger-looking style and you’ll be asked for ID in Tesco in no time.

Play nice with neutrals

As we age, we tend to play it safe and stick to a more neutralised palette. This can leave you looking dull and drab and, if you’ve picked the wrong beige (there is such a thing), it can wash you out within seconds.

Instead, think rich, luxurious shades like caramel, toffee, cream and honey - when paired together, this ensemble can not only look expensive but adds an inner glow to your skin. Add a touch of colour with peachy tones, camels and mints (not Murray's, more spearmint).

Switch up your skirts 

A pleated midi skirt may look perfect on a twentysomething but on an over 50 it misses the fashion point and veers into frumpy territory. It also shortens your legs in seconds.

A pencil skirt that sits just on or below the knee will not only slim your figure but will elongate your legs too. Don’t be afraid of a tight fit either - it’ll streamline your shape and show off your curves instead of hiding them.

Sayonara, scarf

You may think a silky patterned scarf is the epitome of elegance but if you drape it over your shoulders or tie it around your neck, flight attendant-style, you’ll instantly show your age.

If a scarf is your version of a comfort blanket, fear not. Opt for one in lightweight wool or cotton and in unexpected colours and prints. Make sure it’s long enough to wrap around your neck a few times and leave it quite loose.

And you don’t have to donate your old silky scarf to a charity shop. Use it as a makeshift belt tied through the loops of your trousers or jeans, tie it in a floppy bow on your bag handle or use it as a makeshift headband.

Mismatch your jewellery 

Even though your favourite earrings, necklace and bracelet were sold as a set, it doesn’t mean you should wear them all at once. In fact if you do, stop immediately!

Pick one piece from the set and team with other mismatched accessories. Stacked bangles, charm necklaces and quirky studs will work whatever your age. If you’re daring, pick up a statement necklace from the high-street and approach the way you wear it differently – base your outfit on the necklace, rather than the necklace on your outfit.

If you buy one piece, make it…

A leather biker jacket. The perennial biker is the wardrobe equivalent of a jab of Botox and never goes out of fashion, plus it’s hardy too. Keep it classic in black or brown, depending on the colour palette of your wardrobe, and don’t be afraid to wear with anything – a tunic-style dress, or tailored trousers for taking the grandchildren to the park.

There’s no need to spend a fortune on the jacket either, as the high street offers affordable versions in timeless styles and cuts.

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