We've all been there; got home late and are far too tired to bother removing our make-up.

One night won't hurt, will it?

Well yes, it can. Just one night of not cleansing can have disastrous results on your skin, from spots to signs of ageing to even weakening you eyelashes.

Read on for 5 of the scariest reasons you should always make time for cleaning your face before hitting the hay.

It clogs pores - The night is the time for your skin to breathe and replenish and if make-up is in the way, it can’t! Clogged pores contribute to ugly breakouts, so keep it clean people.

The best cleanser for removing every last scrap...Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk, £9.95.

It ages you - Sleeping in your make-up causes your skin to wrinkle, and who wants that? It can result in exposure to free radicals in the environment, which your make-up sticks to, and free radicals cause a breakdown in healthy collagen. Less collagen equals lined, loose skin that no amount of beauty sleep is going to eradicate.

The best cleanser for…anti-ageing: Filorga Foam Cleanser, £20.

It weakens lashes - We all crave long, luscious lashes but did you know that sleeping in your mascara can cause dry, brittle lashes? This leaves them prone to breakage and if you’re not careful, your once lovely lashes are mere stumps. Think how lacklustre your hair can look if you don’t keep it clean – the same rule applies to your lashes.

The best cleanser for luscious lashes...Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear Make-up Remover, £18.

It breeds bacteria - Cleansing your face before bed doesn’t just remove make-up, but grime and impurities from the day too. And it isn’t just smog and smoke you need to think about – germs from your hands or your phone touching your face leave your skin as a veritable breeding ground for bacteria if you leave them there to play. So make sure play time is over for those pesky germs, pronto.

The best cleanser for super clear skin...Caudalie Make-up Remover Cleansing Water, £15.

It dulls your skin - Dewy, youthful complexions aren’t made in a day but if you leave your make-up on at night, it’s all but a distant dream. Your skin needs to breathe at night to produce the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy, radiant glow. Don’t cloud it with day-old make-up and let it do its work with ease.

Best cleanser for radiant skin... No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil, £11.