There comes a time each year when hiding your legs under black opaque tights or thick denim feels really rather wrong.

And there’s nothing more frightening than realising that after being hidden for months, your legs are looking a little worse for wear.

Puffy calves, wobbly thighs, veins, cellulite – none of these make for a good look, especially when paired with a summer-friendly skirt or this year’s must-have, culottes.

So in order to sort out your legs for summer, we asked Kate Shapland, founder of your leg’s best friend, Legology, how to fix them, pronto.

1.  Stimulation is key - either through regular activity, massage, friction (try a body brush, mitt or exfoliator) or a topical cream like Legology to enhance circulation, lymph flow and drainage.  Spritzing your legs with intermittent blasts of warm and cool water via the showerhead also works to pump the circulation and stimulate to keep leg energy vital.

2.  Fluid intake is as important as elimination: drink plenty of still mineral water but make sure it has a low dry residue (the unknown content) as spa water does.  Aim to enhance elimination of fluid through deep drainage from a good diuretic topical and daily massage.

3.  Always body brush, massage or apply leg cream/oil in an upwards direction towards your heart - so from feet to knees and knees to thighs.

4.  Wear leg finishers - either hosiery, cream or perfecting self/temporary tans - with a matt finish: it has a slimming effect on your legs.  And wear the right height heel for your leg length - it will work wonders on your posture and your leg comfort.  As an indication, mid/kitten heels tend to be around 45mm in height and work best for shorter legs; stilettoes - 100mm and up - are carried best by longer legs.

5.  Eat! Hunger is cellulite and fluid retention's best friend.  You need to eat three meals a day and your diet should be low on water-retaining starch and higher on protein and vegetable carbohydrate.