In today’s modern age, you can get away with wearing pretty much anything, anywhere.

Offices are more relaxed with what their employees can wear, jeans are considered au fait for fancy restaurants and the notion of a dress code seems the sort of thing reserved for the royals or racing.

But if there’s one place you really should adhere to the time-honoured rules of fashion, it’s at a wedding. The rules might be unwritten, but incurring the wrath of an angry bride on her big day is not something you should take on lightly.

So we asked Girl Meets Dress founder Anna Bance to lay down the law.

Don’t test drive your new jeans
If you didn’t already know that you shouldn’t wear jeans to a wedding then let me be the first to tell you that it is never, ever okay to wear jeans – not even skinny jeans. You can wear jeans for the other 364 days of the year (social calendar permitting), but weddings are a formal occasion and you should see this as an opportunity to treat yourself to a brand new dress.

Don’t wear the same colour as the bridal party
Who knew you were the fifth and final bridesmaid for the bridal party? You certainly didn’t. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a wedding and realising that you and the bride have the same taste in colour, and she happened to choose it for the theme of her wedding. Play it safe and ask ahead. Let Geri Halliwell's outfit for Poppy Delevingne's wedding be your no-go.

Don’t wear a skimpy dress
Don’t even think about it. Put down the low-cut dress and step away from the rail - it's a shame Lily Allen's sister Sarah Owen didn't! There’s nothing wrong with showing a little bit of leg, but nothing says “look at me” more than a dress designed to show off your assets. Balance your outfit – if you feel there is a little too much leg on show then make sure you’re wearing a jacket or your dress has long sleeves. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at a wedding so play it safe with a modest dress.

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes
You may have to endure a few hours on your feet at a wedding and there will, of course, be dancing. If you’ve bought new shoes make sure you test drive them at home before wearing them out. As Kate Middleton has so boldly displayed over the last few years, sometimes a simple pair of wedges are your new best friend. Don’t wear anything too high and remember to pack some blister plasters just in case.

Don’t wear a tiara
Big bold jewellery is fine, but wearing a tiara when the bride will most likely be wearing one is only going to steal her thunder. Why not rent a hat or fascinator instead? They’re much more traditional, and will save you from forking out hundreds of pounds for a hat you might only wear once.


Don’t wear red
There’s nothing worse than wearing a bright red dress in a sea of pastel shades. Red draws the eye and attending a wedding is all about fading into the background. If you wear red the chances are you will stand out like a sore thumb in every group photo and if there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s not to pull focus from the bride. Try a deep cranberry instead.

Don’t wear black
Black may be slimming but it can also be associated with mourning and death, so if you want to avoid guests thinking you’ve turned up to the wrong service (“Mr Baker’s funeral service is tomorrow, dear”) perhaps leave the little black number in the wardrobe. We wish Corrie's Katherine Kelly had...

Don’t wear white
Need we say more?