New Yorkers must see some pretty bizarre things on the subway but this one really takes the biscuit – or cake, as it were.

When a tall, blonde model made her way to the train, her fellow commuters seemed envious of her designer Chanel handbag – until she started tucking into it.

Passengers watched and stared as the model started peeling off the outside layer of the bag, which was in fact a cake exquisitely decorated to look like a handbag.

The man sitting next to her is so shocked he inches away before she offers him a big bite.

The edible bag was created by pastry chef instructors and students at the International Culinary Centre, where handbag-inspired works are part of the Cake Design curriculum.

Some of these high-fashion sweets, including baked takes on handbags by Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors and Hermes, were put on display at the ICC’s restaurant, L’Ecole, in New York City.

But some of the subway riders were more concerned with where the woman’s coat was. Well, it is pretty cold in New York…