There’s some beauty advice you should never pass by, whatever your age – like never sleeping in your make-up and the power of wearing the right foundation.

And as we get older, our beauty regime is restricted even further by so many rules that there’s nothing left to it but to wear a paper bag over our heads and give up trying.

But to hell with that we say – rules are made to be broken. Here are five you should be laughing in the face of, pronto.

Don’t wear red lipstick

If it’s good enough for Dame Helen Mirren, it’s good enough for us! The actress has spoken in the past of her love of a good rouge lippy and we couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing wrong with wearing red – focus on the shade rather than your age. As with all lip colours, certain tones suit certain skin tones whether it’s a light red stain or a vampy burgundy.

Don’t wear black eyeliner

A sultry, smoky eye works on everyone, whatever your age and black eyeliner is key to that look. Some say that black can make mature eyes look smaller but we say that you just have to be clever; use a white eyeliner on the lower lid to counteract the black, which helps to open up your eyes.

Don't let your grey hair show

Don’t let your grey hair show

Grey hair can be truly dazzling. Rather than spending money on covering and dyeing it, spend the cash on maintaining and managing your grey. By its very nature, grey hair is more coarse and dry than your normal hair so invest in a few conditioning and moisturising treatments and you’ll be gorgeously grey.

Don’t colour in your eyebrows

By nature our eyebrows become more sparse as we age. Some folk encourage the more mature among us to not pencil in the gaps, but that’s because they’ve not been applying it correctly. Rather than using a sharp pencil, use a rounded, more blunt one and smudge it into the gaps.

Don’t wear foundation

You’ll find your skin drier as you age, and applying foundation can be a bit of a minefield as it can collect in wrinkles and creases. However, if you keep to a brilliant skincare routine (including serum, moisturiser and a hydrating primer), ensuring your skin is hydrated, foundation can in fact turn back the years and transform sallow skin into a radiant, glowing visage.

Don't wear foundation

Choose a foundation formulated for mature skin or look out for one with the words ‘radiant’ and ‘hydrating, steering clear of anything ‘matte’ or too powdery. Plus, always use a foundation brush to work the product into any creases.