If you thought the drastic measure of cosmetic surgery or shelling out your pension on high-intensity wrinkle creams and hair dye would sort out the bulk of your beauty problems as you age, think again.

Wrinkles and grey hairs are only the tipping point of what the ageing process does to your skin, hair and body, and we’ve uncovered the lesser spoken about – and slightly more embarrassing – problems and how to deal with them, warts and all.

You see more hair on your face

Although a significant amount of women deal with the daily grind of the odd coarse dark hair growing on the upper lip and chin, this increases as we age. The hairs often turn grey or white and become more plentiful, especially during and after menopause. Try not to pluck the hairs, as this can cause bumps on the skin; instead, an at-home hair removal cream, facial wax or for the more flush, laser hair removal. The cause? Too much of male hormone, which encourages hair growth everywhere but…

Your eyebrows look patchy

Years of over-plucking will do that to a brow, but it’s a simple fact of ageing: your eyebrows will appear more sparse. If you’ve noticed that they’re not growing back as quickly if at all, again, thank dear old mother-nature. Since eyebrows are paramount for defining your features, don’t be afraid to turn to an eyebrow pencil – choose one as close to your natural shade as possible. A word of caution though: enhance what’s left, rather than drawing a brand-new set.

Grey hair isn’t just on your head…

Yep, it’s a fact of life: if the hair on your head is turning grey, it will elsewhere too – and we’re talking about everywhere. Probably best to embrace it rather than turning to dye…

Your breasts have lost their oomph

As we age, the ligaments within breasts naturally stretch causing a sagging effect. While there’s plenty of options for a breast or skin lift, going under the knife is a touch extreme. Use a targeted cream like Phytomer Seatonic Toning Bust Gel to keep things as tight and toned as possible. Also, always wear a sports bra when exercising.

You bruise like a peach

Ageing causes your blood vessels to become more fragile, and even the slightest bump can bring you out in a painful looking, purple mottled bruise. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it but let nature take its course and apply a topical cream like Boots Bruise Relief Arnica Cream.

You have warts and all
No, you’re not turning into the Wicked Witch but developing flesh-coloured polyps, a little spot-like blemish that some people start to notice in their 30s. They’re said to be more likely to grow around places where there’s more friction, like the neck, armpits and underneath the breasts.