The UK boasts plenty of fashion icons - from Victoria Beckham to Cara Delevingne - who set the style agenda the world over but when it comes to us normal Brits, we lack serious confidence in our style.

New research by TK Maxx has found that a staggering 65% of Brits do not feel confident in their choices of outfit, with a third being unable to remember the last time they received a compliment on their style.

As well as a lack of confidence, half of UK respondents admitted to wearing the same pieces for the last 12 months.

The findings come from the TK Maxx Style Census, which examined shopping habits and attitudes across Europe following the launch of the retailer’s Me. By Me. campaign.

We lag behind our European neighbours when it comes to being style-assured, with research showing that Germany and Poland lead the way in style confidence. No wonder German model Heidi Klum and German model Diane Kruger are considered style icons!

Over half of Polish and German respondents saw themselves as style-confident, with only 27% Germans feeling they needed style assurance.

Brits felt they’re at their most stylish at 29 years of age, a year sooner than Ireland and Poland and four years earlier than Germans.

Dr Carolyn Mair, Cognitive Psychologist at The London College of Fashion, said that being happy about the way you look could boost your confidence.

“Psychology studies have suggested that those who are confident are perceived as more attractive to others,” she said.

“Make the time to experiment with your own style, try on new things and celebrate the looks that reflect your individuality. The TK Maxx Me. By Me. campaign champions people’s unique style, and with a new season around the corner, May is the perfect month for all of us to embrace our own styles and be confident when making that summer style transition.

“It’s important to remember that style confidence needs to come from within rather than be dictated from outside influences. Instead of trying to follow unrealistic ideals, we should try to find the styles that work for us as individuals and truly embrace it.”

Where you live in the UK also had a bearing on how confident you were in your style; nearly three-quarters of respondents in Wrexham spent one to 10 minutes to decide on a clothing purchase while almost a third of people in Aberystwyth took up to a week to make their minds up.