This year has seen a seismic shift in the fashion industry.

Rather than always favouring the hot young thing (which it still does, of course), designers, model scouts and agencies have opened their doors to the more mature model.

It was this year, of course, that saw TK Maxx choose 85-year-old model Daphne Selfe to star in its campaigns, and designers and magazines alike clamoured to feature Carmen Dell’Orefice, an 82-year-old model who has been strutting her stuff for nearly 70 years.

And making the most of this new wave of welcoming is Sarah Wiley, a 66-year-old model who was scouted while out with her grandchildren.

At the time, the 5’8” beauty was 57-years-old – making her over three times the age of today’s average model.

Snapped up by agency Close Models, Sarah may be a familiar face to you. She’s a regular model on This Morning’s fashion segments, has appeared on Gok Wan’s How To Look Good Naked and for retailer John Lewis.

And Sarah, who appeared in The Telegraph’s recent beauty shoot, said she’s not alone.

“There’s a whole gang of us roaming around,” she joked.

Speaking to Stella magazine, Sarah said she is well-aware she is the exception to the rule when it comes to the fashion industry.

“I have a granddaughter who’s 10,” she said. “It’s so sad that when she looks in magazines and thinks she must be thin.”

As for her own figure, the former ballerina credits a lifetime of the art for her natural grace and movement.

“Ballet makes you aware of how your body moves – and what you look like from behind.”

Do you think it’s time the fashion industry started using more mature models?