Johnny Depp’s style has always been on the unconventional side and now he’s taken that one step further by flaunting his own engagement ring.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor sported what he called a “chick’s ring” while promoting his latest move Transcendence.

When asked by a journalist to comment on rumours of his possible engagement with 27-year-old Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard, below, Depp, 50, said: “The fact I’m wearing a chick’s ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Rumour has it that the glittering sparkler was in fact intended for his bethrothed, but as it was too big for her he decided to wear it himself.

Diamond expert and jeweller to the stars, Vashi Dominguez of luxury brand, ran the rule over the sparkler.

“Johnny Depp’s glittering ring looks to be around three carats in total. The unexpected ring has a centre round brilliant large diamond surrounded by baguettes and round diamonds in a now popular vintage looking setting,” he said.

“The ring is most probably in platinum, although it could be 18k white gold. A top quality ring of this size will retail in the high-end for around £50k!”

Vashi thinks Depp’s example could finally push the male engagement ring into the mainstream.

“In the past, there was a little bit of hype with ‘mengagement’ ring’ but it never took off and made it into the mainstream. However, with the stature of famous actor Johnny Depp trying to make the male engagement ring happen, it may be that in time it becomes a trend.”

Other than showing his commitment to his soon-to-be wife, we’re wondering what message Johnny is trying to convey. We reckon a man’s accessories can say a lot about him – let’s take a look at the different male treasure tribes.

The maverick

Head of the class is Johnny Depp, not just because of his mengagement ring but for his love of a pirate-esque rope necklace, hoop earring and a scrunchie as a bracelet. Other maverick men include Harry Styles (he’s partial to a corsage) and Karl Lagerfeld’s ever-expanding jewellery box. Keith Richards was the founding member.

The gap-yah guy

Prince Harry

They’re the sort that work in the city but wear their gap-year leatherette bracelets come rain or shine. It shows they’re business up-front, party in the back as they reminisce over the water cooler about the time they got drunk at a Full Moon Party/surfed in Hawaii/played farmer on their friend’s family ranch in Africa. Prince Harry rules this roost.

The not-so-subtle signet

A big signet shows big money, and the likes of David  Beckham, Puff Daddy and Declan Donnelly know a pinky signet can pack a punch. Some probably hold meaning, others are purely for decoration. Not to be confused with Prince Charles’ signet ring, which is probably an imprint of the family crest.

The zen men

The bearded, beaded wonder that is Russell Brand is rarely seen without his prayer beads, which are worn single-stranded, heavy-handed, long, short, charmed and not charmed. Funnily enough, his ex-wife Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer (do keep up!) dabbles in the zen-like state of a beaded necklace too. Says they’re of a higher plain, or a Claire’s Accessories regular.

The off-the-chainz chaps

Seriously, don’t even utter the opening line of a rap if you’re not wearing a big, brash gold chain. We think it’s sort of an initiation process, and the more successful you are, the bigger the chain becomes. Kanye, Jay-Z and love a curb chain – you can get yours from Argos.

The teen bling-babe

You’re just old enough to get your ears pierced (or old enough to tell your mum you are, anyway) so what better way to show off those lugholes than with a pair of dazzling, blingy studs. Young whippersnappers like Justin Bieber, an N*Sync-era Justin Timberlake and Cristiano Ronaldo have all sported pairs, along with a young David Beckham.