She is said to be in the midst of a major regal makeover - so is Kate’s hair now due for an overhaul?

Celebrity hairdresser Michael Van Clarke has said that motherhood could be taking its toll on the Duchess's long locks and her current style "overwhelms" her.

“Colouring, motherhood, and time are drying and swelling her hair and when the sleek blow-dry wears off her hair swells around the neck line and overwhelms her. I actually think the overlong front overwhelms her even when blown sleek," said Michael, who tends to the tresses of many a celebrity in his Mayfair salon.

“I think her hair would look great long but with graduating layers around the front and long layers properly connecting through to the back. This would stay looking good even when the wind blew and the blow-dry wore off.

“Her hair would move more freely and look like part of her rather than something sitting on her head.”

The stylist was speaking after sources claimed that Kate, 32, had  been urged by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, to cut her hair following her appearance at Northolt School in London last week

“Camilla has tried to help and advised her to shorter and lighter,” a source told the Daily Star. “She has looked bedraggled recently and it’s not a good image.”

But Michael commented: “Kate certainly doesn’t need to go drastically short but her hair texture is changing and as the sleek blow-drys wear off the changing texture of her hair is revealed."

It was only a few months ago that Kate made an eye-wateringly expensive and long trip to a London salon to restore her hair back to its former glory after it was looking a tad limp and lacklustre at a public engagement. She had also been spotted with a few grey hairs showing through on her roots.

But for as long as Kate’s been in the public eye, she’s kept her naturally brunette hair long and loose, playing only with a fringe on a few occasions and trying low-lights after the birth of Prince George.

Considering Camilla is said to be a big influence on Kate – she suggested Kate wear a tiara on her wedding day rather than flowers, as originally planned – we reckon it won’t be long before she’s looking like she just stepped out of a salon.

Do you think it’s time Kate had a new hairstyle? How would you style it?