A new study has revealed what the unluckiest engagement ring in the world would look like.

The ring (above) was created in response to a survey by Compare Jewellery which compared the styles of rings presented to UK brides whose marriages ended in separation or divorce.

Female respondents were asked to describe the engagement ring they wore for the doomed relationships. Researchers asked about the type of metal used to create the ring as well as the stone, the style and any notable additional features.

According to the results, the ‘unluckiest engagement ring’ is made of white gold and set with a large square-cut diamond. The average cost was just over £800.

“The ring itself is both incredibly beautiful and a popular style, but maybe that will change once people know its somewhat unlucky reputation,” said Ali O’Neill, head of product at comparejewellery.com.

“Maybe one to think twice about should any men be planning on popping the question this Christmas!”