If you’re short-sighted…

With short-sightedness, eyes appear smaller due to the distortion of the lenses. Highly refractive lenses will help make them appear larger, as conventional lens glass reinforces the reducing effect.

You can cheat your way to enlarging the eyes with make-up - use strong colours, mother of pearl, lots of mascara and a cream-coloured kohl on the lower eyelid.

Make-up for short-sighted people should light up the face, so use light colours to emphasise the eyes.

Eyes can be made up more strongly as the eyewear reduces the impression of colour.

First, follow all the contours of the eye with a contour pencil and blend it in, then apply light eye shadow to the moving lid and then darken the crease with a round brush and shade outwards. Soften the lower contour of the eye outwards to achieve an enlarging effect. Generously applied mascara helps the eyes to radiate and appear larger.

If you’re long-sighted…

Lenses for long-sightedness visually enlarge the eyes.

Eyes should be made up more subtly but precisely – errors become significantly more visible due to the enlargement.

Use matte colours instead of glossy tones and use mascara sparingly.

To emphasise your features, first, apply foundation and tidy eyebrows. Follow by shading the eye with matte, cream-coloured eye shadow, following the contour of the eye with a mud-coloured shade and blend in. Don’t draw the contour of the eye too widely. Apply nut-brown eye-shadow over this ensure soft transitions; slightly darken the crease of the eye.