Remember the golden age of air travel when taking to the skies was glamorous? There was a time when cabin crew and passengers alike wore fashionable outfits befitting of the occasion. The Jet Set was an exclusive club and flying was an aspirational affair.


The bar was set high for those ladies hoping to become part of the cabin crew and travel the world. Hospitality skills, patience, stamina and good looks were a must for the role.

Three hostesses in 1969

Top designers Balenciaga, Emilio Pucci and Hardy Amies are among those who have put their names to air stewards’ uniforms.

Hostesses in uniforms from the 1940s to 1980s


Luggage - as important as the destination, was stylish and reminiscent of the pretty, portable wardrobes taken on board cruise ships.


Budget airlines and their postage stamp-sized baggage allowances conspired to strip every last bit of sophistication and sexiness from air travel, along with mad dashes for seats and checkout girl-style trolley dolly uniforms so synthetic you wouldn’t want to put them near a reheated inflight meal for fear of going up in flames.


Business magnate Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic broke the mould, breathing va-va-voom back into the vocation.

Virgin air hostesses in red outfits

Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson and Dita Von Teese famously walked his wings.

Kate Moss

But it seems the golden days are here again if this host of Instagramming hostesses are anything to go by.

Glamorous air stewardesses are posting selfies on the photo-sharing website with the hashtags #flightattendent, #cabincrew and #stewardess. These ladies are clearly proud to be flying high in the glamour stakes.

Perfectly preened, sporting fabulous uniforms and pulling cheeky poses – the sky really is the limit for these gals. I want to go where they’re going!